Welcome to the Handsam System

    Welcome to HandSaM

    The Handsam Health and Safety Management System

    • Handsam can help you manage your Health, Safety, Welfare and Security responsibilities
    • The Handsam system is comprehensive, easy to use and effective

    The Handsam system is a central register of all the Health, Safety, Welfare and Security legal duties of all private businesses and public organisations, e.g. schools, colleges and government offices in the UK.

    The duty to comply with the law is shared by the employer and employees. It is likely that in any organisation that one person?will be responsible for complying with Health and Safety law and regulations. HandSaM helps that responsible person manage the provision of Health and Safety Management and also fulfills the legal duty to keep records.



    "Handsam has already saved me over £1,000 in solicitor's fees in avoiding pitfalls," Independent School headteacher.


    "Handsam has been a great help in getting all staff to recognise their own Heatlh and Safety responsibilities," Health and Safety office manager


    "The instant access to up-to-date information is a godsend,"?Independent school Health and Safety manager


    Visit the Handsam Client Support Centre for all technical or operational queries

    For all other enquiries call 03332 070737 or e-mail: info@handsam.co.uk


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